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Just Created a new Remix

2011-02-16 01:37:06 by DJDyar

Sadly, I can't upload it here since it passed the limits for the MP3 File size. Is it ok to post links outside this website? Or not? Let me know thanks! :)

Just uploaded a New song

2010-08-19 23:52:56 by DJDyar

Hello people just uploaded a new Song thought you guys might want to check it out :D thanks. Genre: Techno

I guess people don't like my music but oh well I'm just going to make more music .. Its more of a inspiration to me than anything else. But If you guys like it, It encourages me to make more music! Thanks.

NEW Song! Finally "Techno"

2010-04-09 00:03:43 by DJDyar

Yay I havent posted another song for you guys in a While So Here Ya go Take a look at it let me know what you guys think about it! Called Whistling Caverns - DJ Dyar.. Genre "Techno"

Just made a new song

2010-03-14 11:57:51 by DJDyar

Just created a New song from the original Song Apologize - One Republic.. Thinking about posting it on here.. Its Dance also.. Its awesome :D give meh feedback if you guys want me to post it! thx!


2010-03-09 21:20:52 by DJDyar

Got another song for you guys that i made.. called Before I Sleep Remix - DJ Dyar. Check it out!


2010-03-05 20:12:24 by DJDyar

My songs are finally posted after a month and a half. You can listen to them :D

Still Waiting

2010-03-01 10:51:56 by DJDyar

Well i posted 2 songs and its been about 3 weeks.. This really sucks... I already sent a message to a audio moderator. he said just wait.. That was a week ago.. Any ideas why it takes sooooo long?


2010-02-22 10:37:35 by DJDyar

I Submit music now. Its almost been a week now till its Approved. How long does it usually wait?

Making New songs

2010-02-20 19:36:58 by DJDyar

Im Making New Songs Right now. They sound awesome!