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Still Waiting

2010-03-01 10:51:56 by DJDyar

Well i posted 2 songs and its been about 3 weeks.. This really sucks... I already sent a message to a audio moderator. he said just wait.. That was a week ago.. Any ideas why it takes sooooo long?


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2010-03-01 11:12:21

The system is currently filled with a shitload of submissions, when I read about it there was 500+ new submissions, and the mods have to go through every single one of them. The new time to contact the mods was moved up 2 weeks in the post I read, so you should expect it to take at least a total of one month, worst case 2.

You can keep track on what´s going on in this thread: 56515 - Pay extra attention to new mod posts.

DJDyar responds:

Damn ok.. Ill post Another news if its over a month